The Best Auto Insurance in Florida

Who has the best auto insurance rates for Florida is up for debate, as always.  However, there are lots of companies to choose from, each one specializing in one or more areas which allows you to basically “cherry pick” what types of coverage you want from a very long list.  For the average Florida driver out there the most important thing is probably just finding the lowest monthly rate while staying within the legal “green zone”. Certainly this is a fine approach to take, but what happens if you damage your fancy new wheels then, eh?  Unless you have some type of collision coverage you’re going to need to handle repairs, towing, and more completely out of your own pocket. This is why it’s always considered a good idea to take a long, hard look at all of your options before actually deciding to purchase any policy.  Moreover, contrast and compare anything and everything you can get your hands on as well.

For an insurance company to be considered the “best” of course they must offer you something that actually suits your needs and budget.  Naturally, this is a tough thing to nail down without having direct access to your personal history and driving record, etc. Depending on your exact circumstances, one provider might offer excellent incentives over another with an ever lower standard rate.  Quite simply, it’s impossible to tell what the end result will be without examining lots of details, including what you actually drive. says you need to do all your homework, write everything down and keep immaculate notes. This will allow you to make accurate comparisons later.  Also, try to actually speak with a representative if possible (via phone or online chat) and get as much detailed quote information as they can provide.

About Minimum Coverage

First off, there are the state legal minimums to consider, which require all drivers to purchase ten thousand dollars of both personal injury liability coverage as well as the same for property damage.  All this really does is keep you in the clear and out of harms way should an unfortunate incident occur and you have to defend yourself against someone suing you, etc. Even though there are “no-fault” laws in place in Florida (which are meant to protect drivers from serial litigators and so forth) it is possible that someone might still try to sue you should some particularly terrible accident take place.  While this is unlikely, it highlights the need for additional coverage, assuming you can afford it, that is. 

Your Coverage Needs Will Determine What Company is Best

Again, ultimately your coverage needs will determine which Florida car insurance company, like this, is best-suited to handle you as a customer.  Those with the funds might want personal injury protection or any other number of other policy additions which might lend additional peace of mind.